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The „Duiliu Zamfirescu” Vrancea County Library



The first public book loans were certified in the city of Focsani in 1881.


The Vrancea County Library was established as a public institution in 1912, continuing to operate until today with interruptions only during the two World Wars and successive relocations in inadequate premises.

After 1950 the public library of the town of Focsani had its headquarters at the People’s Athenaeum “Mr. Gh. Pastia” and on no.12, Nicolae Titulescu Street.

Since 1973 it had its own self-contained headquarters in the building of no.12, Mihail Kogălniceanu Street, which it expanded in 1993, as a result of the increase of the collections and the number of users, in another building located on the same street, at No. 13.

Since 1982 The Library has been named after the Romanian writer, publicist and diplomat Duiliu Zamfirescu (1858-1922), born in these places.


Since 1990, “Duiliu Zamfirescu” County Library has joined the Romanian Public Libraries Association, where it was noted as the best subsidiary in the years 2000 and 2011, receiving other awards for the activity of the members of ANBPR Branch Vrancea.


The Vrancea County Library benefited, with the support of the Vrancea County Council, of two consolidation, rehabilitation and modernization projects with external financing:

2004-2007 – The Section for Children and Youth

2006-2012 – Central Headquarters Building B from no. 13, Mihail Kogălniceanu Street.


The mission of “Duiliu Zamfirescu” Vrancea County Library is to facilitate unbound and free of charge access to the fundamental cultural rights, serving as a community and multicultural center that actively supports the information, research, education and recreation of the inhabitants of Focşani and Vrancea county, to improve their quality of life through its innovative offer and integrated program of public services for an educated, healthy and happy population.


“Duiliu Zamfirescu” Vrancea County Library believes and promotes the following values: respect, professionalism, tolerance, transparency, participation, partnership, performance.




Status: Public institution of county rank

Tutor: Vrancea County Council

Legal form: Legal person; non-profit institution

Specific activities: Acquires, process, preserves, hoards, circulate for reading books, periodicals, multi-media documents etc.

Current fund: 217,531 encyclopedic documents (of which 1,100 electronic documents)

Nr. Users (2013-2017): 10,727

Number and categories of staff: 36 employees out of which 28 represent specialized personnel


The program for users is:


8.30 – 20.00 – for home and children loan

8.30 – 19.00 – for the room loan and multimedia access

8.30 – 16.00 – for South Branch


Enrollment at the Library: Enrollment is based on identity card, and for children based on the identity card of one of the parents or the legal tutor. The library entry permit is issued free of charge and is valid for all sections of the Vrancea County Library and the South Branch.




  1. The headquarters from no. 13 Mihail Kogălniceanu Street

Tel: 0237/214562


“Virgil Huzum” Adult Home Loan Section

“Leon Kalustian” Periodical Reading Room

Old book fund



2.The office from no.12, Nicolae Titulescu Street

Tel : 0237/626646


“Oana-Diana Renea” Department for Children and Youth


Multimedia room, free INTERNET access

Eco Library-reading and outdoor activities


  1. The office from no. 4, Maior Sava Street

Tel/ Fax: 0237/231161


“Ion Diaconu” Adult reading room

Language Center

Training Center

Internet room

Development, tracking and processing of collections Department. Computerization

Financial-accounting Department. Human Resources. Administrative


  1. The office from no. 13, Revolution Street, Bl. C4, ap. 3

Tel: 0237/220068


South Branch

Free internet access


  1. In partnership with “B.P.Hasdeu” Municipal Library from Chişinău, the “Stefan cel Mare” joint office from Chișinău – The Republic of Moldova opened in 2014.


Programs and on going projects:


Book fair;

The library offers program;

Book donations at local, national and international level;

Vocational training courses;

Volunteer programs;

Editing of specialized papers;

Biblionet Program in Vrancea County – 43 free Internet Centers for the public and librarians training activities;

Holiday Library Program;

Holiday Library – Children’s and teenage holiday clubs;

Teen@ge: illusions and realities;

Library storytellers;

The third area of active citizenship;

Projects and activities devoted to the CENTENARY of the participation of ROMANIA in the First World War.




Lending of books and serial publications at home and at the reading room;

Internet access in the Multimedia Rooms;

Online catalog “”;

Book credit in audio format – Daisy – for the visually impaired audience;

Interlibrary Loan;

Extensions and phone book reservations of library documents;

Suggestions for purchasing and communicating with the user via the HYPERLINK online service “mailto:”

Specialized guidance on the shelf with free access and for research and consultation of catalogs or databases;

Legal information from the LEX Navigator database;

Free classes on topics of interest to the public;


Research services and bibliography – Local. Personal;

Access, as per regulations, to old collections;

Cultural animation for the public in Vrancea;

Copying, scanning, writing, CD writing, printing.