Development associations


The Association of Intercommunity Development “VRANCEAQUA“

The Association represents a cooperation structure with legal personality, having as objective the creation, organization, regulation, financing, exploiting, monitoring and common management of the public utilities services on the area of competence of the administrative-territorial units, as well as the fulfilment of joint public investment projects of zonal or regional interest which are meant to create, upgrade and/or develop, as the case, the systems of public utilities afferent to these services.

ADI has the statute of association of public utility, of private law (it is created in accordance with the stipulations of the Government Ordinance n. 26/2000 regarding the associations and foundations).

The association is the only partner of the Regional Operator – S.C. CUP S.A. – as unique decision and coordination authority and exerts, in the name and on the account of the associated Territorial Administrative Units (UAT) certain competences and prerogatives of them, rights and obligations, on the basis of a proxy given by the ADI members through its statute.

The Project Implementation Unit is created within SC CUP SA and the ”Association of Intercommunity Development Vranceaqua for services in the field of water and waste water from Vrancea” is responsible with the coordination of the project’s implementation.

ASSOCIATED MEMBERS : Vrancea County Council, UAT Focsani Municipality, UAT Adjud Municipality, UAT Town of Odobesti, UAT Town of Marasesti, UAT Town of Panciu, UAT Commune Golesti, UAT Commune Cimpineanca, UAT Commune Homocea, UAT Commune Dumbraveni, UAT Commune Urechesti, UAT Commune Gologanu, UAT Commune Cirligele, UAT Commune Vinatori, UAT Commune Obrejita, UAT Commune Slobozia Bradului, UAT Commune Timboiesti, UAT Commune Gugesti, UAT Commune Bordesti, UAT Commune Tulnici, UAT Commune Popesti, UAT Commune Cotesti, UAT Commune Suraia, UAT Commune Vulturu, UAT Commune Tataranu, UAT Commune Vartescoiu, UAT Commune Brosteni, UAT Commune Bolotesti, UAT Commune Ruginesti, UAT Commune Jaristea, UAT Commune Milcovul, UAT Commune Straoane, UAT Commune Maicanesti, UAT Commune Sihlea, UAT Commune Biliesti, UAT Commune Rastoaca, UAT Commune Nanesti, UAT Commune Slobozia Ciorasti, UAT Commune Soveja, UAT Commune Namoloasa –Galati County

The Association of Intercommunity Development “VRANCEA CURATĂ” (“CLEAN VRANCEA”)

It has been created with the association of all the Territorial Administrative Units (UAT) from Vrancea County, inclusively UAT Vrancea County, with the scope of jointly creating, organizing, regulating, financing, exploiting, monitoring and managing the sanitation services on the area of competence of the member UAT as well as accomplishing joint projects of public investment of zonal or regional interest.

The creation of the Association represents the general interest of the inhabitants from Vrancea County, for improving the quality of sanitation services under the conditions of some tariffs and taxes that should respect the limits of affordability of the population and the principle “the polluter pays”, reaching and respecting the European standards regarding the environment protection, as well as increasing the funds attraction capacity for financing the investments necessary in the technical and utilities infrastructure afferent to the sanitation services.