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Cultural Centre Vrancea

The Cultural Centre Vrancea is a cultural settlement, being a judicial person of public right that is developing activities in the informational cultural field and permanent training, representing cultural services of public utility, with the role of ensuring the social cohesion and the community’s access to culture and information, that functions under the authority of Vrancea County Council, financed from allocations from the local budget and from own incomes, according to the legislation in force.

The Cultural Centre Vrancea is an institution for culture that offers cultural services on the basis of non-discrimination principle, assuring the access and equal participation of all the citizens at education and culture, no matter the race, the nationality, the age, the sex, the ethnicity or religion.

The Cultural Centre Vrancea initiates and develops teaching programs in the field of permanent education, the traditional culture and the popular creation, following with consistency:
a. Offering diverse cultural products and services for satisfying the community’s cultural needs, with the purpose to increase the access and participation rate of the citizens at the cultural life;
b. Preserving, research, protection, transmitting, promoting and capitalizing the traditional culture and the immaterial cultural heritage
c. Permanent education and continuous professional training of community interest outside the formal systems of education.
d. Preserving, through the teaching programs, the areas specific and the requests of the population that it serves;
e. Preserving, capitalizing and transmitting the moral, artistic and technical values of the local community, as well as of the national and universal cultural heritage;
f. Stimulating the creativity and the talent;
g. Teaching and promoting the crafts and the traditional occupations;
h. Cultivating the values and the authenticity of the contemporary popular creation and the non-professional interpretative art in all the genders – music, choreography, theatre etc.
i. Developing cultural exchanges on a county, national and international level. The Centre’s activity follows mainly the accomplishment of the following objectives:
– Offering different cultural products and services for satisfying the community cultural needs;
– Training and improving in the artistic fields;
– Increasing the access and participation rate of the citizens at the cultural life;
– Cultivating authentic creations and interpretative art and defending them against the tendencies of pollution and degradation;
– Organizing cultural events;
– Preparing, coordinating and developing cultural projects that are meant to promote the culture and the art specific to the area;
– Methodological support of the activity of the cultural settlements from the county;
In order to accomplish its objectives, the Cultural Centre Vrancea can organize and develop activities such as:
1. Cultural events with an educative and/or entertainment role: festivals, contests, fairs, seminars and other similar events;
2. Professional exhibitions and artistic events;
3. Supporting the temporary or permanent exhibitions, elaborating monographies, supporting the editing of books and publications of local interest, with a cultural and techno-scientific character;
4. Promoting the cultural tourism of local interest;
5. Preserving, researching and capitalizing the crafts, the traditions and the customs;
6. Organizing classes of civil education, of permanent education and continuous professional training;
7. Temporary or permanent exhibitions, monographs, editions of books and publications of local interest, of a cultural or technical-scientific character;
8. Organizing artistic residencies.

Address: B-dul Gării nr.8, Focşani, Vrancea, cod 620083

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Director - Nausica Mircea


Tel/fax: 0237.210213