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Transparency and Integrity in Local Public Administration of Vrancea County- COD SIPOCA 445 / MySMIS 118788

Vrancea County Council implements the Transparency and Integrity project in the local public administration in Vrancea County under the Operational Capacity Administrative Component 1 Component 1 CP1 / 2017 – Supporting measures to prevent corruption at the level of local authorities and institutions from the less developed regions, Priority Axis – Public Administration and Accessible and Transparent Judicial System, Operation – Increasing Transparency, Ethics and Integrity within Public Authorities and Institutions.

The project wants to carry on the information and training campaigns for representatives of local elected representatives (local councilors, county councilors, mayors, vice- mayors, president, Vice-president of the Vrancea County Council) as well as for the management and executives working in the local public administration Vrancea County ( 73 territorial administrative units, 68 communes and 5 towns, plus the Vrancea County Council). The measures to prevent and reduce corruption will be implemented. Each territorial administrative unit in Vrancea will receive a “Guidelines for Good Practice and Work Tools for Preventing Corruption in Public Administration” describing not only a norm / procedure, but also the related implementation modalities and the implementation of standards of ethics and integrity.


The general objective of the project


The general objective of the project is the development of an innovative and flexible system for preventing corruption, increasing transparency, ethics and integrity by implementing measures to prevent corruption, uniformly applying ethics and integrity mechanisms, procedures and standards, and improving knowledge and skills in regarding the prevention of corruption at the level of the local public administration in Vrancea, respectively at the level of the 73 territorial administrative units, 68 communes and 5 towns, as well as at the level of the Vrancea County Council, during 12 months.

The model combines the necessary complementary functions (information, promotion, training, guidelines for the implementation of within law on anti-corruption measures), in order to generate a long-term impact that contributes to a better working of the local public administration, align with European standards in terms of transparency, ethics and integrity.

The long-term positive effects can be found by developing a functional model that responds to the need to combat corruption and increase the credibility of citizens in local administrations, the uniform application of ethics, integrity and ethics rules, mechanisms and procedures, and increase the level of anti-corruption education for the staff of the public authorities and institutions, all of which lead to an increase in the implementation of the measures related to the prevention of corruption.

The project wants to organize ethics and integrity courses among the staff of the local public authorities in Vrancea, as well as anticorruption awareness sessions and the elaboration of studies and analyzes on the public perception of ethics and transparency.

Also, by increasing the level of implementation of measures related to corruption prevention and evaluation indicators in public authorities and institutions, the general objective is in line with OS 2.2 “Enhancing Transparency, Ethics and Integrity within Public Authorities and Institutions” under the Operational Program Administrative Capacity 2014-2020, helping to solve the problems of the identified target group in Vrancea County.

The target group of the project (directly targeted) is represented by local elected representatives and executives from the territorial administrative units at the  county level, respectively local administrations (city halls) of the five cities: Focsani, Adjud, Marasesti, Odobeşti, Panciu and the city halls of the 68 communes in the county, together with the county public administration.

The implementation period of the project is 12 months starting 13.08.2018.

The amount of the financing contract is 398 965,70 lei, of which eligible non-reimbursable value: 390 986,39 lei (FSE non-reimbursable amount: 33 120,85 lei, eligible non-reimbursable amount from the national budget: 51 856,54 lei); and the co-financing of the beneficiary amounting to 7,979.31 lei.

Beneficiary: The Territorial Administrative Unit Vrancea County, established in Str. Dimitrie Cantemir nr. 1 place. Focsani, Vrancea county, postal code 620098, Romania.



Project co – financed by the European Social Fund through

Operational Capacity Administrative Program 2014-2020!