Project Implemented

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Setting up the Center for Rehabilitation Therapies for Children with Developmental Disorders

The Vrancea County Council, in partnership with the Speranta Andradei Association, implemented, between 14.04.2015 – 30.04.2017, the project Establishing the Center for Rehabilitation Therapies for Children with Developmental Disorders. The Center aims to provide early education and recovery services to children with disabilities in the county. The service is set up by Speranta Andradei Association for a number of 30 children with developmental disabilities aged 0-7 years in Vrancea county, of which 5 are from Roma families.

The project activities have been carried out to facilitate the reintegration of families with children with developmental disabilities into the labor market, especially Roma, to balance work and private life. Thus, between February 2016 and April 2016, workshops focused on parenting, professional orientation, entrepreneurship, gender equality were organized for a total of 350 beneficiaries: parents, educators, social workers, teachers, etc. .

Also, between December 2016 and April 2017, construction and installation works were carried out, which consisted in the renovation of the 598 sqm space in which the new center will be carried out, the electrical installation overhaul and the installation of the external elevator. The center is equipped with air conditioning, furniture, household appliances and office equipment, for its operation in the optimal conditions.

As the objectives of the project include the awareness of children with special needs, their specific needs and their life-long orientation, with a component on the inclusion of children from Roma families, on 30.03.2017 was a press conference was organized to promote the principle of equal opportunities.
The amount of the project: 207 777,77 Euro (931 820,97 lei), amount allocated under the program “Promoting gender equality and work-life balance”, Improving the balance between professional and private life, SEE FINANCIAL MECHANISM 2009- 2014. Project duration: 24 months.
The project was finalized on 30.04.2017, the date it entered the sustainability period.