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Implementing e-government solutions in the South area of Vrancea County Code SMIS – CSNR 48385-Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

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The project submitted by the Vrancea County Council was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, based on the financing agreement concluded with the Ministry for the Information Society. The project was implemented for 20 months in the communes like Gologanu, Milcovul, Cotesti, Urechesti, Răstoaca, Dumbrăveni, Popeşti, Năneşti, Măicăneşti, Vulturu, Tătăranu, Gugeşti, Obrejiţa, Golesti, Slobozia Ciorăşti.
In this project, the equipment needed to implement e-government solutions in the southern area of Vrancea County was handed over and received. These include servers, multifunctional equipment , application platform and agricultural registry applications, unique role register, financial and accounting applications and human resources, database server license, helpdesk system, server antivirus and stations, android tablets etc. Training courses have also been organized to use the installed applications.
These will contribute to the project objective of providing easy access to public administration services in Vrancea County for citizens and public and private organizations by implementing and putting into operation an integrated IT system for the management of the Agricultural Registry in electronic format within the 15 Territorial Administrative Units partners. The total value of the project is 6,458,000.00 lei, of which the non-reimbursable financial assistance is 6,328,840.00 lei.

The portal created through the project can be accessed at: