President’s message

Imagine reprezentativa

Vrancea is a county with beautiful and picturesque landscapes, with traditions that have their roots in the old times, being inhabited by proud and working people.

For capitalizing all the richness that God has given to these places, I wonder every day what I can do more and better for the County of Vrancea. That is why a priority of the county public administration that I lead is to accomplish investments. As President of Vrancea County Council, I am aware that a modern infrastructure represents the base of the development of the localities and that is why we are involving permanently in attracting funds and starting projects. During the years, the County Council has obtained grants for many objectives and I am proud of the fact that Vrancea was placed in the first places at a national level in what concerns the number and the value of the investments attracted in infrastructure.

The development of the touristic attractions, the consolidation, the restoration and valuing the patrimony buildings represents another priority of the county administration, and in this respect there are investments, developed with European funds, that have the role of making our county as attractive as possible for the tourists from the country and from abroad.

Our pride, the International Festival of Wines and Vineyards, represents an authentic business card four our county and places us on an international map of the most important wine producers. Thus, in 2017, the National Wine Contest “Bacchus” has become the most important Romanian contest, due to the big number of wine samples that were enrolled in the contest, and the wine tastings and the Craftsmen Fair has made Vrancea the capital of the viticulture tourism.

Important for me are the citizens’ health and the assurance of medical services of the highest standards. That is why, at the end of 2017, I have identified the grant solution for building a new county hospital in Focsani, with EU grants. It’s a large-scale and defining project for my mandate at the county’s lead, an ambitious project that I care of very much and that I hope that will start as soon as possible, so that all the citizens from Vrancea County will benefit from a quality medical care.

The results of all the projects started in the last period will be visible in a few years, when the citizens from Vrancea County will have roads modernized at a European level, beautiful and neat patrimony buildings and, very importantly, a new modern hospital.

We find ourselves in the year of the Centenary of the Great Union from 1918, when we are honouring the heroes that, with their supreme sacrifice, have left us a free, beautiful and united country. On the battlefields from Mărăşeşti, where the leading idea “They shall not pass!” has become history, got roots in 2017 the National Memory Park “Romanian Oaks – 100 years of history and dignity” RoMandria, a project of great importance for the Romanian collective memory and conscience. Each hero that has given his life for accomplishing the Great Union from 1918 will be represented symbolically by one of the 350.000 oaks that will represent the National Memory Park.

I consider that unity, freedom and prosperity should be values in which we must believe sacredly, because when the Romanians were united they could overpass any obstacle and they have accomplished everything that they had in mind.

I truly believe that in the future I will fulfil everything that I proposed, so that my citizens from Vrancea will live better


So help me God!


President of Vrancea County Council