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     We are situated at 180 km from the country’s capital city and from the International Airport “Henri Coandă ”.
  The county’s capital city is the Municipality of Focşani. Vrancea County has two Municipalities, Focşani and Adjud, three cities, Mărăşeşti and Odobeşti and 68 communes.
      The county’s population is of 392,317 inhabitants, and the area is of 4,863 sqkm.
    The main access road to the municipality of Focşani is the European Express road E85 Bucharest-Suceava, which crosses the municipality and the county. The main railway that connects the two Romanian regions, Moldova and Muntenia, also crosses the county.
     Vrancea, the  County  of Wines and Wine  yards, is  situated  outside  the  Curvature Carpathians, at the intersection of the three Romania historical regions: Moldova, Ţara Românească and Transylvania. Being a real junction point between the three provinces, from Vrancea you can easily get to the Danube harbours from Galaţi (90 km) and Brăila (100 km), or to the Black Sea (Constanţa – 280 km) and the Danube Delta (Tulcea – 215 km). Vrancea assures through the road network the fastest acces way to Transylvania (Braşov – almost 220 km), or to the Moldavian Republic (Chişinău – almost 280 km, through the customs Albiţa-Huşi).
     Vrancea is neighbouring on North – East with Vaslui County, on the East with Galaţi County, on the South East with Brăila County, on the South with Buzău County, on the West with Covasna County and on the North with Bacău County.
      “Vrancea, the County of natural wonders, the county of old stories, the county of ancient songs and of the poems that can not be found anywhere else in Romania, is the most beautiful part of the Carpathian Valley”. (V.P. Arbore)

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