24th of January – The Union of the Romanian Principalities

Vrancea County Council has organized on Thursday, the 24th of January 2019, ample manifestations that were meant to celebrate 160 years from the Union of the Romanian Principalities. It has been a moment marked by a real emotion and a strong national feeling, when we can say that Focsani has been, for one single day, the capital of Romania! The day has started with a symposium dedicated to this important moment from the modern history of Romania, organized by Vrancea...

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1 December 2018 – Centennial of the Great Union

Vrancea County Council has celebrated on the 1st of December 2018 the Centennial of the Great Union in the Union Square from Focsani. The event, organized in collaboration with Focsani Garrison, has included the moment of decorating the eight battle flags of “Brigade 8 LAROM”, a military parade in which were engaged the militaries of Focsani Garrison, troops of Vrancea County Police Inspectorate, Vrancea County Inspectorate of Constabulary, Vrancea County Inspectorate for Emergencies, Salvamont Vrancea, as well as a recital...

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International Festival of Vineyard and Wine “Bachus” 2018

International Festival of Vineyard and Wine "Bachus" 2018 reached this year at the XXVIth edition, is a traditional event, which is a true “business card” for Vrancea County, the largest vineyard of Romania. The Bachus Festival took place between 4-7 October 2018 in Focsani and included ample actions: The National Wine Contest (9th Edition), Wine tasting lessons held by famous sommelies, The Wine Exhibition. The event aimed to promote the vintners, the local producers and the Vrancea wines, which are...

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”Heroic Vrancea”

From 3 to 6 August 2018, the mausoleums and monuments of the heroes of Marasesti, Marasti, Soveja, Tisita, Focsani, held numerous events commemorating the heroes of the nation, gathered under the name of ”Heroic Vrancea” ("Vrancea Eroica") The events culminated with the moments of commemorating the heroes of August 6, 2018 from the Mausoleum of Heroes at Marasesti. On this occasion, those present attended: cannons, air surplus, military and religious ceremony, moment of silence with the intonation of the "Silence...

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The National Memory Park “Oak trees of Romania – 100 Years of History and Dignity” RoMândria

On the Marasesti front, where the "Do not pass this!" Guiding idea became history, the roots of a project of great significance for the Romanian collective memory and consciousness last year were: The National Memory Park "Oak trees of  Romania - 100 Years of History and dignity "RoMândria. This volunteer project continues in the Year of the Centenary of the Great Union, with the second planting campaign, which will take place on Saturday, April 21, 2018, at 10.00 on the...

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Unification of the Romanian Principalities – 24 January

Every year, the Vrancea County Council organizes in the Union Square in Focşani Municipality events dedicated to the celebration of one of the most important historical moments of the Romanians: The Small Union - The Romanian Principalities Union of January 24, 1859, under the rule of Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza.

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International Festival of Vineyard and Wine “Bachus”

The International of Vineyard and Wine "Bachus" is the most important event in Romania and takes place in Focsani every year at the beginning of October. The festival, which is the most famous and longevive event in Romania, is dedicated to the Vrancean vineyards living in the vineyard culture and

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